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Petroglyphs in the Spring

A perfect day for wheeling!

Photos courtesy of Lauren Satterlee, Sharon Oren, Kody & Brittany Munns, and Tony Farson

It's that time of year again! This year our trek through the Virginia Range did not disappoint. We had a great turnout with 12 trucks that included four 80 Series, three 40 Series, two 200 Series, two 4Runners, and a Tacoma. One of the best turnouts we've had for this particular trail.

We started our day like most trail days. At a Maverik Adventure Stop, of course. We chatted, gassed up, and grabbed last minute drinks and snacks before heading up Geiger Grade to Virginia Highlands.

We got to our usual air down spot on Lousetown Rd and realized that mud may turn out to be an issue on this trip. So, we headed deeper into the canyon until we found some drier land.

There were plenty of water crossings along the way but the mud soon gave way to more solid ground and the greenest, most beautiful vistas we've seen in this area.

We made our customary stop at the meadow and took the opportunity for a group shot and some more fellowship.

We hit the trail shortly after and made our way to the Petroglyphs where we stopped for lunch and exploring on foot.

We stacked up after exiting the petroglyphs area, and checked our rigs before headed into the highlands via the powerline road.

The ascent was uneventful save for the spot with a boulder in the middle of the trail. A few managed to crawl over and we stacked rocks for those with lower slung trucks further back in the pack. The 40s had zero issues of course.

We bypassed the mud bog and stumbled into a beautiful meadow before trekking through a new to use portion of the trail.

We look forward to returning to the area, and a few us may take in impromptu trip to explore new trails after Cruisers & Coffee in June. Come join us!

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