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Terms of Membership and Membership Agreement

Battle Born Cruisers is a voluntary member controlled offroad car club. By purchasing a membership with us you agree to the following terms and conditions. Completing the membership request form, subscription form, or paying in person means you understand these terms an agree to them fully and without reservation.

Good Conduct

Family Friendly - Battle Born Cruisers is a family friendly club. We do not support or allow lude behavior, harassment, racial, sexual, religious, or disability related joking or other forms of hazing, harassing, bullying. We celebrate the diverse background of our members and strive to be a place to escape the social intolerances of our world. All members are required to respect other members even if they do not agree with one another. Public nudity or sexual displays will not be tolerated.

No Drugs or Alcohol - Use of drugs (legal or illicit) or alcohol while driving on the trail or public roads is strictly prohibited. If you are caught driving while under the influence you will be asked to leave the trail and be removed from the club. We will also immediately notify the authorities of your actions. Note that mild social drinking at the end of the day at camp is acceptable as long as our family friendly policy is not violated.

Tread Lightly!

Battle Born Cruisers respects the Tread Lightly philosophy and requires all members to adopt the same person philosophy. The T.R.E.A.D. Principles are critical to ensuring that we do our part to keep public lands open to offroad enthusiasts now and in the future. We require all members to:

  1. Leave the trail and campsite better than how we found it. This includes picking up trash left by others.

  2. Stay on the trail! Deviating from established trails diminishes the beauty we seek to enjoy and diminishes it for others.

  3. Pack out what you pack in! This includes solid human waste.

  4. Carry spill kits and catch cans and mats for trail repairs.

  5. Participate in club cleanup events and trail adoptions.

Honor the Bylaws

Our bylaws are key to good organization and management of our club. Please read them and honor them, and help others, even officers to do the same.

Release of Liability for Damages to Persons or Property

The member, hereinafter the “Releasor”, hereby voluntarily and knowingly sign this release with the express intention of eliminating BATTLE BORN CRUISERS, members or officers. Hereinafter the “Releasee”, of liabilities and obligations as described below.


II. Release. Releasor hereby acknowledges that activities related to off road driving, camping, and working on motor vehicles is inherently dangerous and that his or her safety is solely the Releasor’s responsibility. Releasor releases Releasee from all liability for claims, known and unknown, arising from property damage, bodily damage, or any other damages sustained by Releasor activities associated with BATTLE BORN CRUISERS, members or officers by Releasee or Releasee's agent or other participants. Releasor understands that, as to claims that are known to the parties when the release is signed, any statutory provisions that would otherwise apply to limit this general release are hereby waived. Releasor also understands that this release extends to claims arising out of this incident that are not known by Releasor at the time this release is signed.


III. Right to Claims. By signing this release, Releasor does not give up any claim that he or she may now or hereafter have against any person, firm, or corporation other than Releasee and those persons and entities specified in Section I.


IV. Non-Admission of Liability. Releasor understands that Releasee does not, by providing the value described in Section V, admit any liability or responsibility for the incidents resulting from activities described in Section II or its consequences.


V. Binding Arrangement. By signing this release, Releasor additionally intends to bind his or her spouse, heirs, legal representatives, assigns, and anyone else claiming under him or her. Releasor has not assigned any claim arising from the activities described in Section II to any other party. This release applies to Releasee's heirs, legal representatives, insurers, and successors, as well as to Releasee.

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