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Mt Patterson Overnight Club Run July 17-19 2020

This Club Run took us from a ghost town in the Eastern Pine Grove Mountains of Nevada to 9,900 feet into the hills surrounding Mt. Patterson CA.

Mark and his lovely wife Stacey, the man the myth the legend John McBride, Tony and his beautiful wife Kelly met up in Minden and took the 395 to the 208 all the way to South Yerington, then headed up to Pine Grove Ghost Town for our first night's stay and a little ghost hunting.

We setup camp near the old coral started a camp fire and enjoyed a lovely sunset, some good food and conversation.

We awoke to the beautiful sunrise, had some breakfast and headed southwest to Rockland mine and ghost town.

We made our past sluice boxes, stamping mills and through riverbeds, switchbacks and beautiful scenery before heading across Hwy 338 and north to a campsite near Desert Creek.

We headed south again to pick up the trail towards Lobdell Lake the following morning.

Our trail dumped us on on 395 south of Walker where we stopped for some dinner before heading back into Reno.

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