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Mount Patterson "The Chiller" 10/2021

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

This was my first camp trip with the club.I have been on a few of the cruisers and coffee events and had a great time.

I was looking forward to spending more time and getting to know some of the guys better.

We all met at the Maverick in Minden Friday morning.It was raining on the way down there so Ronnie and I were wondering if we were going to get snowed on when we got closer to Mt.Patterson.As we got into Minden it had stopped raining.

Tony,Steve,Mark,and Ronnie and myself hit the road.We headed towards Topaz lake and then turned off towards the Smith Valley.Next we turned and headed towards Desert Creek.

We started to head up the canyon and crossed Desert Creek a few times.It was a really nice area to Cruise through.

We eventually stopped for break #1.Cruiser was having a good time running around

We got back on the trail kept on moving and started to head up out of Desert Creek up to a higher plains area.

We next stopped for break # 2

We hit the trail again and drove all the way to the bottom of the entrance to Mt Patterson.We decided to drive over to the lake to check for potential camp spots.Nothing looked interesting there so we headed back and headed up the Mt Patterson trail

Cruiser was saying lets go already.LOL

We headed up the trail and further up started looking for cap spots.The trees were changing colors very awesome time of year

Headed up through a forest area

We eventually found a good spot with great views

We all got set up and started cooking dinner.By this time the sun had dropped behind the hill and the trip started living up to its name.

Cruiser loves double cheese burgers.He got some goodies from all of our dinners.

After dinner every body chilled literally and talked.The cold air started coming down from the mountain tops and everybody decided turn in for the night.

The next morning when we got up it was around 15 to 20 degrees.We all made coffee and breakfast.Tony's shoulder was bothering him pretty bad dew to the low temps and Mark had ice inside his tent.Cruiser also is a thin haired dog and was not liking the cold either.They decided to leave early.

Steve asked Ronnie and i if we wanted to stay and we said yes.

The Hills Angels club came thru and headed up the hill.We watched them head up the switch backs.We also saw a few somewhat stock pickups head up the trail.One of them couldn't get past the third switchback and parked to wait for his crew to come back down.

Ronnie and I decided to head up the hill and try to get to the summit.

We took a group pic before Tony and Mark headed out

Our campsite was down in the valley in the pic below

Almost to the top saddle of the mountain

This sign is at the saddle between Wheeler and Patterson Peaks

We drove up the hill to the Flag at the top of Mt Patterson.The views were amazing

We could see all the way to Bishop and all the way to slide Mountain.

We headed back down the hill and headed for a miners shack we saw earlier

We headed back up the hill to go back to came and we ran into a pair of dirt bike riders and one of the had a front flat.Having been in this situation before I got out my compressor so he wouldn't use all this charging cartridges to find the leak.He located it and plugged it and he was on his way.We headed back to camp and made dinner and Steve Ronnie and I talked for hours about family,life,work and stuff.The wind and died down but it was still pretty cold that night.

We got up the next day and packed up camp and made sure the area was cleaner than we left it.

Steve Ronnie and I decided to run up to the summit before heading home.

We made it to the top enjoyed the views took more pictures.

I had a great time.I wish i had made it to the earlier trips but couldn't get the time off.All the guys on the trip were great to hang out with and talk to,Looking forward to next year

Thanks again Tony,Mark and Cruiser,Steve and my buddy Ronnie.

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1 Comment

Mark  Weeks
Mark Weeks
Oct 18, 2021

Nice write up Eric. Thanks for remembering to include the knucklehead Krusier. Its been a long time since I cold camped like that. Now I remember why. But a fun trip even though it was cold. Those mountain vistas and valley views are awe inspiring. Not to mention the the leaves changing. The campfire banter very appreciated since it has been so long since I have actually camped on a run. The Rubithon was an exception of course, where I was able to sample the Pryor hospitality and cuisine. Both done right. It was nice to meet some new campmates in Eric and Tommy. Ready for the next Battle Born Cruisers adventure. Thanks again Eric for taking the time too…

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