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Black Rock 2021: Overland Legacy Adventure

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

While the turnout wasn't what I'd hoped, the adventure was worth every long mile to get to the northeastern most corner of Black Rock.

158 Miles, 4 days, 3 nights and a ton of fun!

We began our offroad trail at Denio Junction where we gassed up for the last time.

We headed West on Hwy 140 for a spell before turning due south and up into the Pine Forest Range with Onion Reservoir in our sights. Funny... I think I saw more aspens than pines in the Pine Forest Range.

We ascended almost 3,000 feet by the time we got to Onion Valley which did not disappoint!

We headed West after enjoying the view above Onion and hit a trail through the aspens that "should" wind us through the range to Knott Creek. I had my doubts, but our spirit guide John came through with excellent advice on which direction to go. This part of the journey was the highlight of the trip for me. This trail took us through grasslands that were overgrown and the path showed no signs of use.

This was after we drove through the grass and parked for lunch.

We continued our trek through the Pine Forest Range seeking a path to Knott Creek.