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June Cruisers & Coffee and a trip to Peavine Peak

The June 2021 Cruisers & Coffee had a great turnout with mostly newcomers or folks new to the club for 2021. John was there in his Orange Crush FJ40 while I was rollin in my 80. We had two 55 Series, a Prado, a 470, a 100 Series, an FJ Cruiser, an HDJ80, and two FZJ80s. Our trail ride took us to Peavine Peak, west across the mountain through parts of Mitchell Canyon, Meadow Valley, into California, across Long Valley Creek, into Dog Valley where we broke for lunch, and finally back onto pavement in Verdi, NV. That's about 18 miles total, we made it to 7,850 feet and had a whole lot of fun.

We took the blue path to Peavine Peak, then backtracked to the green path to bypass Pine Ridge so we could enjoy the aspens and birch trees surrounding the path through upper Mitchell Canyon.

We aired down at the Las Brisas OHV staging area after enjoying donuts and croissants at Dough Boys.

After airing down we departed the staging area and headed up to Peavine Creek Trail (rd) to "Divide Canyon" before making the ascent to through East Point to Peavine Peak Rd.

"Divide Canyon" All roads lead to Peavine!

Sunflower range and Verdi from Peavine Peak

Reno from Peavine Peak

This trail is very casual with the exception of the crossing at Long Valley Creek. Of course the photos don't do it justice but the ruts leading up to the creek are deep and various presenting challenges for lining up good approach angles for the creek itself.

Tom's 100 Series making the approach.

Larry's FJZ80 coming through the mudhole.

JDMRedhead's HDJ81 pulling the hill up the other side of the creek.

Niles and Tracy in their Prado 470.

Eric's FJ Cruiser

Stephan's Pig

John's Orange Crush.

Not a single person took the bypass and all came through unscathed (not counting armor rub on the center rock.

We enjoyed lunch and good conversation in a clearing off the main trail into Dog Valley.

We finally made it through into dog valley and out through Henness Pass Road to Verdi.

Dropping into Dog Valley

Dog Valley from on-high

A wonderful day enjoying our Yotas, making new friends and enjoying all the beauty and diverse biomes our region has to offer.

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