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Pine Grove Snow Wheeling!

Photos courtesy of Will Berry, Ryan Apple, and Tony Farson

There are a lot of ghost towns in Nevada. Pine Grove feels special. It is intact and well-loved by visitors. Three buildings are still intact, and the stone walls of the post office walls are still standing... mostly.

Our morning started off cold and bleak. Yours truly was welcomed to the day with a coolant leak from the lower radiator hose. An extra clamp and we were off to the races!

Things were looking pretty bleak on our way to the trailhead.

Things cleared up quickly and the day became beautiful and pleasant. Topaz Lake is hidden under that fog!

We made it to the dirt road, aired down, and prepared for the five-mile drive to the trailhead.

The beginning part of the trail was broke already, but we had to break the rest all the way to the top of the canyon.

We stopped at the school house/chapel first and did some exploring of the surrounding area.

We finally made our way up to the saloon and stable, and a few brave souls headed to the top of the northern hills to check out the cemetery.

We are planning a late spring/early summer trip back to Pine Grove with an overnight stay and a run up to Mt. Patterson. Come on out and join us!

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